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About Purely Bachelorette

Welcome to Purely Bachelorette! We are glad you are here! We are so excited to bring you this new and exciting way to enjoy your special day.
Have you ever been to a bachelorette party and felt a little uncomfortable? Maybe it was a little too raunchy or focused on a “fling before the ring?” (explicit balloons, cakes, toys, oh my!) Us too! That’s why we created Purely Bachelorette! Not because we don’t want to have fun and be crazy with the girls, but because we wanted to bring the focus back to the bride and the groom’s love for each other.
Purely Bachelorette is a box full of ways to create memories in a fun, creative and respectful way. The intention is to really touch the hearts of those that attended, leaving the attendees and the bride-to-be refreshed and renewed. We want the bride-to-be excited about her next chapter, having sisters to call on now and in the future. We pray you have a wonderful Purely Bachelorette experience and party awhile, before walking down the aisle.

Ashley Korth


Hi Everyone and welcome!!! We are overjoyed you are here! Purely Bachelorette is not only a bachelorette box but also a community and sisterhood. We are here to love and support you!

I was born and raised in Orange County, California. I’m a graduate from Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo Business School and also received my graduate degree from Concordia University. Over the years, I have been so grateful to volunteer with various ministries, one being very dear to my heart, Trackstarz radio and TV. I have always had a love for dance, music, and the arts. My passion is creating uplifting content that promotes truth, hope and love. 

So why Purely Bachelorette? I am so dedicated to encouraging women to wait for the man God has for them. God has changed my heart and has taught me the importance of this through my own journey. He showed me that as I walk with Him, He fulfills the desires of my heart. In the past, I have attended parties with questionable games, cakes and toys. Even though I tried to ignore the feeling, it never felt right deep down. It wasn’t honoring to the groom. Having all these things in mind, Camille Grant our Founding Co-Founder and I prayerfully came together and created Purely Bachelorette.

We want to ensure all women embarking on the new journey of marriage will flourish and pray that this sisterhood will make you feel loved and supported. Let’s honor God’s Gift of your wonderful husband-to-be at your bachelorette party!!! 🙂


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